Video: Women block metro door to force men out of ladies-only carriage
Cairo metro - YOUM7

CAIRO: Two women blocked a door of one of the metro’s train in Cairo with their bodies to prevent it from taking off before about four men leave the ladies-only carriage.

A video of the incident, which has circulated on social media since Nov. 12, was uploaded on Facebook by Hala Farouk who caught the situation on her phone.

In the video, me outside the metro were trying to push the two women inside so the door closes, calling one of them a “thug.” Meanwhile, some women inside the carriage were also yelling at the two women for not letting the metro move.

Policemen arrived at the scene and took the men out, with some of them resisting.

According to Farouk, the two women asked the men inside the women-only carriage to leave, but after they refused, they blocked the door with their bodies. In the station before the one in the video, men outside the carriage pushed them inside and the door closed.

But in the next station, the women remained determined until the police arrived, although men outside were also trying to push them and make the door close, Farouk wrote on Facebook.

The men who were led outside the carriage are supposed to be sued by the police for violating the metro rules.

There are two women-only carriages in every train of Cairo’s subway; the remaining carriages are mixed.

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  1. Michelle
    November 17, 2015 at 2:27 am

    Man, I miss Cairo!

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