5 Policemen sued over assaulting lawyers in Qalyubia
Chairman of the lawyers syndicate Sameh Ashour - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Egyptian Lawyers’ Syndicate has filed a complaint against a group of policemen accused of assaulting four lawyers outside Shubra el-Kheima Criminal Court in Qalyubia governorate.

Five policemen, guarding the court, physically attacked the lawyers who tried to disperse the policemen while beating a civilian inside the court; Youm7 reported lawyers witnessed the incident as saying. The four lawyers suffer cuts and bruises in their faces and necks; one of them is currently at the intensive care unit, according to the eye witness.

“My colleague Samir Walid Darwish saw a group of policemen, outside Hall 6 in the upper floor at the court, hitting a civilian’s head against the wall,” said Amr Mostafa al-Noumani, one of the lawyers assaulted.

“When my colleague intervened telling them ‘shame on you’, the guards attacked him. Then a police officer ordered the guards to beat the lawyers who intervened to stop the attack,” Noumani added.

All accused policemen were released Sunday pending investigations; however, Lawyers’ Syndicate Chairperson Sameh Ashour said that there will never be reconciliation with the accused policemen until being investigated over the assault, adding “we will not withdraw the complaint for an apology.”

Dozens of Lawyers protested outside the court and started an open sit-in until assuring the accountability of the policemen.

In June, President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi apologized to lawyers for a previous assault accident when a police officer hit with his shoe a lawyer in the head. The apology came after the lawyers went on a work strike nationwide, protesting the police violations against the lawyers.

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