500 HIV-positive cases reported in Egypt annually:  report
Anti-measles vaccination national campaign kicks off Oct. 31, in health unit in Imbaba, Giza- Deena Romia/YOUM7

CAIRO: A total of 500 HIV-positive cases have been reported in Egypt annually, according to a report by the Egyptian Ministry of Health obtained by Youm7 Saturday.

Since the mid-1980s, when first case was reported, to 2014, total of 1,500 out of 5864 HIV-positive cases have been fatal, the report noted, the positive cases represent 82 percent among men and 18 percent among women.

The disease prevalence rate is very low and registers 0.02 percent in 2014; 71 percent of infected people caught the virus through sexual transmission, compared to 28 percent of positive cases obtained via drug addiction. Virus-positive mothers can transmit the virus to her baby, with only one percent of cases in Egypt, the report added.

The treatment against the virus is being provided by the Ministry in 11 HIV-AIDS centers nationwide, the report continued.

A total number of reported positive cases in 2014 reached 880 people, said manager of Drug Addiction Unit of the Ministry of Heath Abdel-Rahman Hammad, noting that 64 cases died of the virus this year/

According to UNAIDS statistics, the number of people living with HIV in Egypt reached 8,800 in 2014, adding that the increase in the virus prevalence is among adults aged 15 and 49.

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