Anti-DUI campaign pauses for elections
Egyptian woman casts her vote in 2015 Parliamentary elections. Youm7 archive.

CAIRO:An anti-DUI campaign will suspend its operation pending the second phase of parliamentary elections, scheduled to kick off later this month, a Ministry of Education source told Youm7.

An anti-driving under influence (DUI) campaign at private schools, launched by the government, entered its second year in a row in October. The campaign, which involves random tests of school bus drivers, has tested 1,386 persons, and found 80 testing positive for Tramadol or hashish. The campaign will resume its operations in December.

The screening campaign plans to test a total of 4,000 drivers at 600 schools during this academic year 2015/2016. Last year, 7 percent of 1,400 school bus drivers tested positive for drugs.

A 2014 crash in which 11 students burned to death is believed to have triggered the government’s attention to monitor the road after the crash involved a truck driver who tested positive for hashish. The government’s escalation aims to reduce road accidents caused by driving under the influence (DUI.)

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