Cairo University’s mosque for women to be rebuilt 
Cairo University’s old mosque demolished

CAIRO: Cairo University’s mosque for girls will be replaced with a new one, after students complained that the college’s main mosque is far removed from campus, Youm7 reported Tuesday.

The university began demolishing the mosque Monday, as the university’s head Gaber Nassar decided that all prayers should be performed at a large mosque that was opened inside the college last week.

Per Nassar’s decision, all other oratories and mosques inside Egypt’s oldest university will be removed.

The vast premise of the university,however, means that female students and staff at certain faculties would walk a large distance to the main mosque. After they complained about the situation, Nassar promised to build a mosque in the same location with an area for wudu, a ritual washing before Islamic prayers.

Meanwhile, the university will provide temporary private spaces for girls to pray, and they may also pray in the second floor of the main mosque, according to Nassar. The first floor is designated for men.

The Ministry of Endowment also appointed an imam at the main mosque to lead prayers and deliver sermons to “correct the students’ perception of religion.”

The university’s step comes on an effort to counter the spread of “extremist ideology” among students inside mosques.

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