Egyptian expat arrested in Korea over killing his wife: Yonhap   

CAIRO: South Korean authorities arrested Wednesday an Egyptian national charged with killing his Korean wife and throwing her dead body in smelting over in a factory where he works, reported Yonhap new agency.

The Egyptian, 39, was charged with strangling his 48-year-old wife Tuesday after she asked for divorce in city of Gimpo near Seoul; his brother, 20, is under investigation, accused of helping put her body in the oven.

Cameras of an Aluminum factory, where the Egyptian works for three years, captured him and his brother inside the factory 40 munities before finding the bead body.

The charged husband confessed most of his crimes, while his brother denied the accusation, claiming he helped carry out bags of what he thought was trash, and did not know it was a dead body.

The Egyptian expatriate entered South Korea in 2004 when he married his wife; however, she asked for divorce a month ago, the news agency added.

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