Statement: President Sisi Speaks with Russian President Putin
Sisi welcomes Putin and shows him around Cairo - Photo courtesy

CAIRO: Today, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi spoke over the phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The two Presidents’ views were aligned regarding the importance of consolidating international cooperation to counter terrorism, given that the current period necessitates concerted efforts by the two countries, now more than ever. This shall take place through a comprehensive international approach that ensures that decisive and deterrent measures against the powers of extremism and terrorism, which now indiscriminately target all countries of the world, are taken.

The two leaders reiterated the steadfast and solid relations between Egypt and Russia at all levels and in all areas. They underscored that their relations represent historic and longstanding ties that will be further advanced in the coming period, which will see the broadening of new areas of cooperation at all levels.

President El Sisi noted that Egypt and its people understand the pain of the Russian people over the tragic Russian plane crash. He highlighted the Egyptian authorities’ cooperation with the relevant Russian authorities throughout all stages of the investigation to uncover the circumstances and details surrounding the crash.

Regionally, President El Sisi and President Putin stressed the importance of joint efforts with the support of friendly countries so as to achieve a better reality for the peoples of the region, the preservation of institutions of states, and the capacities of the region’s peoples. They reiterated that realizing security and restoring stability in conflict-ridden countries in the Middle East will effectively contribute to abating terrorism in various parts of the world, and will offer a better environment and more security at all levels, particularly in the economic area.

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