Security forces on alert on 4th anniversary of Mohamed Mahmoud clashes
Mohamed Mahmoud Clashes - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Egyptian police forces are on “high alert” for any possible protests on the 4th anniversary of Mohamed Mahmoud Incidents in which dozens of civilians were killed by security forces in side streets of Tahrir Square downtown.

Central security vehicles have been deployed in the streets leading to Mohamed Mahmoud street, near to the old building of the American University in Cairo, security official told Youm7, adding that some streets were closed in anticipation of any possible masses.

“We will not allow for anyone to demonstrate without possessing an official permission, to not violate the anti-protest law in force,” added the official who spoke on condition of anonymity as he is not authorized to speak to media.

He called on youth and civilians to not incite or use violence as the country is witnessing ‘very critical situation’ requires unified efforts.

Between Nov.19 and 25, 2011, during the ruling of the Supreme Council of the Armed Force (SCAF)- security forces forcibly dispersed a sit-in staged by anti-SCAF protesters; series of confrontations took place between both sides in Mohamed Mahmoud street. Clashes erupted then between civilians and security forces in other governorates, particularly in Mediterranean cities.

The total number of killed people in the incidents nationwide of the seven-day incidents reached 38 persons, state-owned al-Ahram newspaper reported the Ministry of Health on Nov. 24. Meanwhile, more than 3,250 injured cases from both sides were reported.

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