FM urges Egyptian expats to vote in parliament election 2nd phase
Egyptian Woman cast her ballot in Parliament election in Egypt

CAIRO:Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry urged Egyptians abroad to cast their votes in the ongoing second phase of parliamentary elections which began Saturday.

I call on Egyptian expatriates to vote in “unprecedented numbers for the sake of Egypt,” Shoukry said in his twitter account.

He asserted the continuous coordination between Egypt’s diplomatic missions and local authorities to secure the ballot and ensure its transparency.

The vote started Saturday at 9 a.m. Cairo local time in Egyptian consulates and embassies of 139 countries around the world. The polling will end Sunday at 9 p.m. Cairo local time while the two-day internal vote-casting process begins Sunday in 13 Egyptian governorates.

A total of 222 independent parliamentary seats will be available in the second phase, with 2,847 candidates competing in 102 constituencies, the High Election Committee (HEC) announced earlier this month.

In addition to the independent candidates, four electoral coalitions; namely the For the Love of Egypt, the Nour Party, the Egyptian Front and Independence Current Alliance, and the Republican Alliance of Social Forces, will contest in the second phase.

The 2015 electoral system is being held with the winner-takes-all closed list system which means the party that gets more than 50 percent of votes per constituency takes all the seats in that constituency.

The four electoral coalitions will compete for 45 seats in Cairo and Delta constituency and 15 seats in the East Delta constituency.

Results of the first phase of Egypt’s parliamentary elections indicated a landslide victory of the For the Love of Egypt’s electoral list, which won 60 seats in Upper Egypt and East Delta constituencies.

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