Britain should cooperate with Russia over Syria strikes – Moscow
Russian foreign Minister Sergy Lavarov - AP/Alexender Zemelianichenko

MOSCOW: Britain should cooperate with Russia in any air strikes it carries out in Syria, Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in an interview broadcast on Saturday, underlining Moscow’s growing assertiveness in the region.

Britain has already launched air strikes against Islamic State militants in Iraq. But Prime Minister Davis Cameron wants to follow allies by extending the operation to militant positions in neighbouring Syria, and has said he will submit a plan to parliament to do so.

“Undoubtedly, it (any British action) should be a matter of cooperation, so that the steps are not directed at destroying the statehood of Syria,” Zakharova told current affairs programme Vesti on Saturday with Sergei Brilev.

Zakharova cited remarks by the Syrian ambassador in Moscow, according to which countries that coordinate their military actions with Russia are regarded by Syria as coordinating their actions with Syria.

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