Pharmacy professor investigated after students reported ‘immoral actions’
Cairo University - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: A professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University, was referred to investigations Tuesday after students complained about his “violations to public morals” and alleged verbal harassment of female students, Youm7 reported.

More than 452 students signed the complaint, which included several accounts of abuse.

The professor told investigators at Cairo University that his students recorded “trivial words to fight me with,” adding that some students may hold “grudges” against him, and that some of the signatories belong to “old postgraduates.”

The complaint claims that the professor swears at and belittles students; in a Nov. 8 lecture, he allegedly spit at them and called them “donkeys and goats” and said that the students’ families beg for money.

The complaint also alleges that in the same lecture he told a female student, who had complained about the air conditioner being too cold, to “sit next to me here, I’m warm.”

However, the professor said he told two female students to “come here at the front seats because the back seats are cold.” He complained about the students being “chaotic” and claimed the issue is “staged.”

The students also say the professor threatened mass failure at his subject in 2014 and told them during a test that “this is the exam that [students] undress for.”

An event page on Facebook demanding the dismissal of the professor has over 2,300 users with the status “going.”

People related bizarre incidents with the said professor; some of the stories date back as early as 2002. For example, Karim Soliman, who says he is a 2009 graduate, wrote that the professor made students write the zero mark for themselves at oral tests.

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