Parliament hopeful accuses rival of ‘dealing with Brotherhood’
Tahani El-Gibali - YOUM7/Sami Waheeb

CAIRO: Former vice-President of the Egyptian Constitutional Court and 2015 parliamentarian hopeful Tahani al-Gebali accused her rivals of meeting with U.S. officials and pro-Muslim Brotherhood people in Kuwait for gaining Egyptian expatriates’ votes.

In a press conference Monday, Al-Gebali, the founder of Republican Alliance of Social Forces, showed photos for meetings between former intelligence Major General Sameh Saif al-Yazal –co-founder of For the Love of Egypt Alliance- and Muslim brotherhood members in Kuwait, saying “such matter harms the Egyptian national security…and it is a high treason.”

Al-Gebali added that she will file a complaint to the Attorney General against the Alliance that consists of 10 political parties, including the Free Egyptians Party established by businessman Naguib Sawiris.

In another interview with al-Ashira Massaan (10 P.M.) talk show on Dream channel Monday, Gebali said al-Yazal met with the head of the Egyptian community in Kuwait Azmy Abdel Fattah, whom she claimed belongs to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.

In the 2015 Parliamentary elections, there are four competing Alliances (Republican Alliance of Social Forces; For the Love of Egypt; Al-Nour Party; and Tayyar Al-Istiqlal) for 120 seats in the new House of Representatives.

The elections have been carried out on two phases; in the first round, For the Love of Egypt won 60 seats; meanwhile the initial results of the second round indicated the victory of For the Love of Egypt list which consists of Businessmen, Retired military Generals, and Mubarak’s era figures.

Al-Yazal told a CBC channel Tuesday that the Alliance will sue Gebali over her accusations, saying “such lies violates the electoral silence and defames the members.”

Abdel Fattah denied his connection with the Muslim Brotherhood, saying such claims are “groundless and lies.”

Egypt’s House of Representatives will comprise of 596 members, with 448 to be elected as independents, 120 through the winner-take-all party lists system, with 28 seats to be appointed by the president, HEC said.

Egypt’s parliament used to consist of two houses: the Shura Council (upper house) and Peoples’ Assembly (the lower house); however, Shura Council was cancelled and the Peoples’ Assembly was named the House of Representatives in 2014.

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