Pharmacists, veterinarians syndicates slam killing of vet by policeman
Pharmacists’ Syndicate - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Heads of the Pharmacists Syndicate and the Veterinarians Syndicate headed to Ismailia Friday to learn more information on the killing of a vet and attacking his pharmacist wife by a policeman, Youm7 reported.

Samy Taha, head of the Veterinarians Syndicate, told Youm7 that he was informed that a policeman assaulted Veterinarian Afifi Hosni Thursday inside a pharmacy in Ismailia, which his wife owns.

The husband was transferred to a hospital, but died soon after, Taha said, adding that the two syndicates will cooperate to find guarantee the two victims will “have their rights.”

In a Friday statement, head of the Pharmacists Syndicate Mohyee Ebaid said that an officer arrested Hosni without a prosecution permit and without a representative from the pharmaceutical supervision department as a favor to the owner of the building where the pharmacy is, adding that the landlord wanted the pharmacy closed.

A security source at the Interior Ministry told Youm7 Friday that the case is being investigated.

The Pharmacists Syndicate released a statement on the incident Thursday, labeling the attack a “brutal assault.” The syndicate also said it will not tolerate “raiding medical establishments” without a prosecution permit.

Safwat Ahmed, head of the Pharmacists Syndicate branch in Ismailia, posted a video of the alleged assault in the pharmacy on Facbeook. The video, recorded by the CCTV of the pharmacy, shows the officer in civilian attire physically intimidating Hosni and groping him by the neck. Ahmed claimed that Afifi was further assaulted at the police station.

Meanwhile, secretary-general of the Pharmacists Syndicate Ahmed Farouk told Youm7 that the syndicate will hold an urgent meeting Sunday to discuss the “fierce campaign” by the police on pharmacies. The police has closed some pharmacies for several reasons, including that non-pharmacists deal with customers.

Only committee of pharmaceutical supervision may search a pharmacy; the prosecution issues a permit for the police to accompany pharmaceutical inspectors, Farouk said, citing the law regulating the work of pharmacies in Egypt.

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