4 killed, 3 injured in Asyut in family feud
A fight in Egypt - Youm7 Archive

CAIRO: Four people were killed and three were injured in a family feud in Asyut of Upper Egypt as part of disputes related to money, Youm7 reported.

The clashes between the families of Abou Fatma and al-Gawakhem in Sabha village are related to an old tahr, meaning revenge or blood debt, dictates that if a family member is killed, a member of the killer’s family must die, which can often spiral into cycles of violence.

Further, unlicensed weapons are abundant in the area of Upper Egypt.

Police and court procedures often do not sufficiently redress families’ honor, so reconciliation meetings are seen as a practical means to curb violence and preserve face in the community.

One way of solving the crisis peaceful, is for the murderer to carry “his own coffin” and present in public to the family of the person he had killed. However, the murderer may not accept to do this in order to “preserve his honor.”

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