Sisi: we are “challenging terrorism” by new development projects
President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi

CAIRO: President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi said Egypt is “challenging terrorism” by working on development projects, including the East Port Said project, to which he gave the green light Saturday.

During his opening speech, Sisi discussed challenges facing the country on its development including terrorism, which “does not know how to build, but only knows how to destroy.”

“You have seen the whole world is suffering…but they understand now and started combating terrorism,” Sisi said. He added that efforts of combating terrorism take long years, and do not only rely on security, but also depends on the military, economics and religion.

“No one will stop us from building our country.”

He also tackled other challenges including the time frame of the projects. He said that the East Port Said Project is set to be accomplished within two years, adding “I challenge any one to do what we are doing in even 10 years.”

The project aims to dig tunnels in southern Port Said to connect east and west of the governorate that locates on the northern entrance of Suez Canal. It also includes building a giant maritime port, Industrial zone, a logistic area, a housing unit, fishery farm and a shipping lane to facilitate the world trade ships passing through the Suez Canal.

“There will be a coastal city established as part of the East Port Said project,” Sisi said, adding that these projects are costing the state billions of pounds. He further addressed economic challenges the country is encountering in its development plans.

Sisi invited media outlets to organize trips to the projects to spread public awareness about their importance.

Within 10 days, some 1500 housing units in Farafra Oasis in the Western Desert will be inaugurated, he announced.

In addition, Sisi promised “real” reduction in prices of basic commodities by December, saying that they will be available for the public at fixed and mobile outlets. He also noted that the military will distribute boxes including food supplies on residents of poor areas.

In the context of encouraging investors to “contribute in building the country,” Sisi said that there are “attempts to deter businessmen” from participating in investing in the state. He further added that the government is working on providing good infrastructure to attract investments.

Sisi also discussed the outcomes of some ongoing projects, including the first phase of the national road project, which aims to build new roads and maintain old ones in order to link different parts of the country together.

Also, he said that the government has scheduled a plan to develop irrigation and sewage system within two and half years, to avoid similar flooding crisis witnessed in North Coast cities during October and November.

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