Egyptian national killed by unknown assailants in Jordan
Egyptian ambassador to Jordan Khaled Tharwat

CAIRO: An Egyptian national was killed by unknown assailants in Madaba governorate, Southern Jordan, state news agency MENA reported Saturday a Jordanian official.

A 27-year-old Egyptian man who works as a doorman for a residential building in Madaba , was fatally shot and beaten on his head by unknown assailants, the official said, adding that investigations on the incident have begun.

On Nov. 24, another Egyptian expatriate was attacked by a Jordanian national who allegedly tried to sever his genital, his brother told Youm7 Tuesday. The Egyptian ambassador to Jordan Khaled Tharwat told al-Beit Bitak talk show on Ten T.V. channel that the investigations have been opened and the Jordanian authorities have apprehended the attacker.

In October, another video surfaced of Khaled el-Sayed, an Egyptian employee working at a restaurant in Jordan, showing a moment when he was assaulted by the brothers of a Jordanian parliamentarian over a delayed order.

Jordanian ambassador to Egypt Beshr al-Khasawna told Ammon news in July that the number of the Egyptian people in Jordan reached 400,000 persons.

Earlier this month, an Egyptian national was killed and two others, including a Kuwaiti, injured when a Kuwaiti citizen hit them with a car outside a mall after a quarrel, Kuwaiti al-Watan newspaper reported.

In October, an Egyptian national, working as a pastry delivery man in Kuwait, called Mohamed Salah, appeared in a video with his right eye bruised and head bandaged, where he described how he had been assaulted while delivering an order to a home.

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