MoI vows accountability for personnel accused of torturing 3 prisoners to death
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CAIRO: Egyptian Ministry of Interior has vowed to hold police personnel accountable for accusations of torturing prisoners to death, following a third person who was allegedly tortured to death this week.

“We will not allow a minority of policemen to blur our efforts in protecting the homeland,” said Abu Bakr Abdel Galil, Minister of Interior aide for public relations told Al-Ashira Masaan (10:00 p.m. ) talk show on Dream channel, adding that the ministry opened investigations with those accused personnel.

Despite the ministry’s vow, most of alleged police brutality and abuse reported by civilians has been denied by security officials.

Three deaths of prisoners have been reported in a week; the Egyptian Syndicate of Pharmacists published Friday a video showing a police officer storming a pharmacy without a warrant, and  engage in an altercation with pharmacist assistance Afifi Hossni who was arrested to the Ismailia Police station.

Hosni’s wife, the owner of the pharmacy, said that her husband was tortured in the police station few hours after being arrested. In the same day he was transported to Canal Specialist Hospital where he died, Youm7 reported.

The Egyptian Forensic Medicine report has stated that Hosni was killed due to s “bruise formed on his neck” Minister of Interior Magdy Abdel Ghaffar suspended Sunday the police officer and opened an investigation.

In Upper Egypt’s Luxor, a 47-year-old man was allegedly tortured to death in a police station a few hours after he was arrested from a café in al-Awamyia village; clashes erupted between his relatives and local residents of his village from one side and security forces from the other side. In the following day, protests took place in Luxor against the police practices.

At a court jail in Shibin el-Qanater village of Delta’s Qalyubia governorate, a defendant was allegedly tortured to death; his relatives accused a police officer of beaten Amr A., 32, via using a hose and the butts of rifles, making him suffer “brain hemorrhage.”

However, a security official dined the torture accusations, saying Amr was arrested over charges of drug possession and he is a fugitive from justice over other charges. The official claimed that he suffered a liver disease. The Medicine forensic report on his death was not issued yet.

In April, a 63-year-old lawyer died in Mataryia police station in Cairo; his colleagues said that he had been beaten to death inside the station after being arrested in a protest. Another lawyer, 26, was tortured to death in same police station.

In Delta’s Beheira, a detainee was allegedly tortured to death in Rasheed Police Station. Torture-related accusations inside police stations have been regularly denied by authorities at the Interior Ministry.

In August 2013, 37 people who allegedly belong to the Brotherhood, suffocated to death when two police officers threw tear gas bombs inside a police truck with 45 prisoners inside while transferring them to Abu Zaabal Prison. several imprisoned  members of the brotherhood were allegedly died due to “medical malpractice” although the police officials say the death cases are caused by  disease they suffer from.


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