Switzerland requests translated Islamic books from Egypt

CAIRO: The Swiss Foreign Ministry requested translated copies of Quran, its interpretation and others books on Islamic rituals to be available to Muslim youth in Switzerland, according to a Sunday statement by Egypt’s Ministry of Endowment.

The books are requested in German, Italian and French to help the youth not to fall victims to extremist ideologies, Endowment Minister Mohamed Mokhtar said in the statement.

Mokhtar said the translation center of the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs will provide the books.

Al-Azhar, the most prestigious religious institution in the Muslim world, has engaged in several activities to refute extremist ideology in the past two years. Although independent from Al-Azhar, officials at the Endowment Ministry and Dar al-Iftaa hail from it.

On Nov. 25, Al-Azhar announced it would establish a Faculty of Islamic Sciences in the United Arab Emirates to raise religious awareness and promote the culture of religious dialogue and coexistence by organizing joint events and exchanging experiences and scholarship cadres in the field of fatwas, religious discourse and research, according to an Al-Azhar statement.

Meanwhile, the European Parliament will adopt Dar al-Iftaa as a reference for Islamic fatwas, according to a Nov. 13 statement by Adviser to Grand Mufti Ibrahim Negm.

During a meeting with the EP’s Muslim member Sajjad Karim, Negm agreed to provide the EP with 1,000 official fatwas translated into English, French and German that consider the conditions of Europe’s Muslim community.

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