Prisoner dies at Ain Shams police station
Policemen outside Cairo University - YOUM7/Ahmed Maarouf

CAIRO:  A defendant died Sunday at Cairo’s Ain Shams police station, raising the number of prisoners to die in custody this week to four.

The general prosecution opened investigations into death of the 32-year-old defendant, a judiciary source told Youm7.

According to the initial investigation, the defendant was charged with possessing drugs and knives and he was remanded in custody; the investigations said that his health deteriorated in recent days, but he died at the jail.

Three death of prisoners have been reported in a week; in Ismailia, a pharmacist assistant was allegedly tortured to death at Ismailia police station Friday while a 47-year-old man was allegedly tortured to death in a police station a few hours after he was arrested from a café in al-Awamyia village in Upper Egypt’s Luxor.

At a court jail in Shibin el-Qanater village of Delta’s Qalyubia governorate, a defendant was allegedly tortured to death.

However, the Ministry of Interior vowed to hold police personnel accountable for accusations of torturing prisoners to death; “We will not allow a minority of policemen to blur our efforts in protecting the homeland,” said Abu Bakr Abdel Galil, Minister of Interior aide for public relations told Al-Ashira Masaan (10:00 p.m. ) talk show on Dream channel.

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