2 Jordanians, involved in killing Egyptian national, arrested: Immigration Min.
Minister of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriate Affairs Nabila Makram - YOUM7

CAIRO: Two Jordanians were arrested over suspicion in their involvement in the killing of an Egyptian national in Jordan, Minister of Immigration Nabila Makram stated Sunday statement.

Mohamed Adel, a 27-yr-old Egyptian employee who was working on a farm, was reported fatally shot in the chest and beaten on his head after a quarrel over financial problems with Jordanians.

Adel came from Upper Egypt’s governorate Minya, Makram said.

Makram added in her statement that she is contacting the Egyptian embassy in Jordan to stand on the developments of the case and to return Adel’s body to Egypt.

At least six incidents of assaults against Egyptian nationals abroad have been reported during October and November; some of them were captured on video.

The first incident was reported earlier in October after a video of the assault went viral on social media. An Egyptian employee working at a restaurant was assaulted by brothers of a Jordanian parliamentarian over “delayed order.”

In Kuwait, an Egyptian national working as a pastry delivery man appeared in a video with his right eye bruised and head bandaged, where he described how he had been assaulted while delivering an order to a home.

Earlier in November, a Kuwaiti was charged of the murder of an Egyptian expatriate, after running over him and three others with his car following a fight outside a shopping mall in Kuwait.

News reported on Nov.7 that two Jordanian citizens were accused of stabbing two Egyptian expats in Amman city after a quarrel. In another incident, a 33-yr old Egyptian guard in Jordan was found shot in the head; the perpetrator was captured.

On Nov. 24, an Egyptian expatriate was attacked by a Jordanian national who allegedly tried to sever his genital; the attacker has been reportedly apprehended by Jordanian authorities.

Such incidents have raised controversy and anger among social media users who discussed Egyptian expatriates’ dignity and their living conditions abroad.

Additional reporting by Mohamed Gamal

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