33 tons of rotten meat confiscated in Giza during November

CAIRO: A total of 33 tons of rotten meat were confiscated by the Giza Directorate of Veterinary Medicine during November, Youm7 reported Monday.

The seized meat included poultry, and frozen meat and fish deemed unsuitable for human consumption, the head of the directorate Ashraf Ismail told Youm7. Last week, more than a ton and a quarter of poultry innards and animals were also seized.

Ismail added that the directorate had embarked on daily inspection campaigns at butcheries and meat selling shops, noting that Imbaba and Omranyea districts were among the areas in which meat was confiscated.

Most recently on Oct. 12, two tons of rotten meat was confiscated at a famous restaurant in Haram district of Giza and the case was referred to the prosecution.

On Sept. 26, some 101 tons of rotten meat, poultry and fish were confiscated in a week during a similar campaign by Cairo Directorate of Veterinary Medicine. Approximated 192 police reports were made with the confiscated products.

Amid rising prices of meat, and private meat imports reduced due to Egypt pound depreciation, the authorities have confiscated tons of bad meat recently.

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