PR: British Consul General launches final session of Model UK Parliament
HMCG Caroline Alcock (from MUP Facebook Page)

CAIRO: On Monday Nov. 30, the final conference of Model of the UK Parliament (MUP) was launched in the presence of Ms Caroline Alcock, the British Consul General in Alexandria. Both the UK Embassy in Cairo and the British Consulate General in Alexandria pay special attention to sponsor this outstanding student activity because of its important role in deepening the Egyptian youths’ understanding of the mechanisms of the UK democracy. Mr John Casson, the British Ambassador in Cairo, had previously attended a discussion session with the MUP students during the preparatory sessions that were held in March. During this session, the MUP students held a video-recorded interview with the Ambassador (link to the interview.)

During this MUP conference, these Egyptian students play the roles of the UK MPs in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords and hold UK-viewpoint-based discussions on several issues, especially with regard to the British Foreign Policy towards the European Union and the Middle East. The participants are, in such sessions, more than 200 students who play various roles, including those academic, organizational, logistics and media roles. This way, these young people acquire new skills by participating in activities that help increase their knowledge and skills.

Alcock said: “As Egypt votes for its new Parliament, there is no better time for young Egyptians of every background to engage in politics. They are the future and I hope that amongst these young men and women here today, we might find the next generation of Egyptian political leaders who will work hard to build a new, bright future for their country, built upon a citizens’ democracy, political freedoms, and competent, accountable institutions.”

For his part, Ahmed Yassin, the MUP student who is playing the role of UK Prime Minister, said: “The MUP expresses an important segment of the Egyptian society, which is the youth, namely from Alexandria, and which is the most pivotal component in formation of the future and hope for a better society.

“The UK Parliament is one of the most well established legislative institutions in the world; it has a special character in terms of the precisely democratic manner in which its political discussions and debates with different viewpoints are managed. It has been chosen to be the model because of the similarities that it has with the Egyptian Parliament and because it gives its members opportunities to express and discuss their views in a very specific manner that is so much broader than those in parliaments of other countries.

“The importance attached to this project lies in learning the basic skills necessary for working in any field and because it stresses volunteerism and learning about a new culture. The recent conference has been a measure of success in terms of identifying new young people who believe in volunteering and are capable not only in the field of politics, but also in all other areas of interest. This is what our societies need now.”

The UK Parliament is one of the long-established and oldest parliaments all over the world and has important roles, including the monitoring of performance of the executive authorities and ensuring the accessibility of justice, the rule of law and the need not to restrict freedom of people without judicial rulings. This year, the UK celebrated the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta that has established the UK democracy and created many values ​​and freedoms of this democracy.


The above is a press release by the British Embassy, and does not reflect the editorial policy of The Cairo Post. 

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