Police officer sentenced to 15 days in jail over killing pharmacist in Ismailia
Egyptian security forces - YOUM7(ARCHIVE)

CAIRO: A police officer accused of torturing a detained pharmacist to death was sentenced Wednesday to 15 days in prison pending investigations, Youm7 reported.

Pharmacist assistant Afifi Hosni was allegedly tortured to death in Ismailia police station after being arrested from his wife’s pharmacy without a warrant Friday.

The Egyptian Forensic Medicine report has stated that Hosni was killed due to s “bruise formed on his neck.” Minister of Interior Magdy Abdel Ghaffar suspended Sunday the police officer, called Mohamed Ibrahim, and opened an investigation.

Following Hosni’s death, the Egyptian Ministry of Interior has vowed to hold police personnel accountable for accusations of torturing prisoners to death; over a week, two other cases of torture to death of prisoners have been reported.

Despite the ministry’s vow, most of alleged police brutality and abuse reported by civilians has been denied by security officials.

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