17.5K expats vote in run-off of parliament elections’ 2nd round: HEC
Egyptian expats’ voting in 2015 parliamentary elections kicks off - YOUM7

CAIRO: A total of 17,500 Egyptian expatriates have voted in the run-off phase of the second round of the parliament elections held Monday and Tuesday abroad, High Elections Committee (HEC) announced Wednesday in a press conference.

Omar Marwan, the HEC spokesperson, said Wednesday that the heads of the sub-polling stations at 136 embassies and consulates abroad began vote count.

Marwan added that the HEC has spotted violations in bank accounts of some candidates, through which they receive funds and donations for their elections propaganda. The committee also said that some candidates exceeded the propaganda expenditure limits, and that it referred the violators to the prosecution.

Any citizen who has video clips documenting bribery attempts inside polling stations is urged to submit them to HEC to consider them among other violations, Marwan stated, adding that “posting the videos on social media is not enough.”

Wednesday is the last day of voting in the 2015 parliament elections in Egypt, following two rounds and two run-offs. Egyptians living in Egypt are currently casting their votes in 13 governorates for the second day in the run-off phase.

Polling stations are set to close at 9 pm if no voters were present at polling stations at that time, said Marwan.

The second round kicked off abroad on Nov.21-22, where over 38,000 expatriates cast their ballots, according to HEC. The figures represent 5.5 percent of the eligible voters of Egyptian nationals, which are estimated at 680,000 people.

A total of 30,351 expats participated in the first round of the parliament elections, which was held in October.

The highest turnout of the Egyptian voters abroad reached more than 600,000 in 2012 presidential elections in which former Islamist President Mohamed Morsi won. During the 2014 presidential elections, the number of expatriates’ votes registered 318,000 people.



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