Egyptian employees urged to issue automated passports: Manpower Min.
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CAIRO: Ministry of Manpower urged contracted Egyptian employees who are still holding paper passports to change them to machine-readable passports, according to a Thursday statement.

Egyptians abroad holding paper passports were given a deadline by November 2015 after which they should begin using the automated ones, according to instructions from the Foreign Affairs Ministry to all Egyptian diplomatic missions and consulates abroad, added the statement.

According to the Manpower Ministry, employees applying for work permits are required to show their e-passports and criminal record document.

In September, the Foreign Ministry announced issuing a total of 130,000 automated passports for Egyptian expatriates over the past few months.

The size of the registered Egyptian employees who are working abroad reached 3,549,780, according to a 2014 statement by the Ministry of Manpower.

Additional reporting by Mostafa el-Nagar


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