9 missing ancient Egyptian artifacts recovered in Mit-Rahina
Ancient Egyptian artifacts - YOUM7 (Archive)

Nine missing ancient Egyptian artifacts have been recovered by the General Administration of Tourism and Antiquities in el-Berak, in Mit-Rahina.

The department of tourism and antiquities secretly began investigating after receiving information that there were criminals hiding ancient Egyptian artifacts in Giza, to be sold when the timing was right. Mit-Rahina antiquities inspectors found a mobile inside the nine antique pieces, and decided that the ancient archaeological piece from the Pharaonic era had likely been found through illegal excavation.

All  legal procedures were followed regarding the incident. The general prosecution was notified to begin investigations and efforts to locate the fugitive defendants have intensified.

Mit-Rahina, historically known as Memphis, was the capital of Ancient Egypt for over eight consecutive dynasties in the Old Kingdom. It reached its peak during the sixth dynasty, becoming the epicenter for worshipping the got Ptah, the Pharaonic god of creation and art.

With the rise of Thebes and the New Kingdom, Memphis  became the second largest Egyptian city until 641 CE, before it was eventually abandoned, turning into a stone quarry for the surrounding settlements.

Memphis now is the house of Ancient Egyptian, Ptolemaic and Graeco-Roman temples and ruins.

Translated from Youm7.

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