Sisi says police violations isolated cases
Sisi during his visit to Police Academy-courtesy of Presidency office

CAIRO: Commenting on the latest violation cases of some police personnel against civilians, President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi said Thursday that people should not paint some individuals’ violations with a broad brush.

“Some individuals’ wrong practices should not be generalized concerning the police system as a whole,” said Sisi during a surprise visit to Cairo-based Police Academy Thursday morning. Sisi added that state’s institutions hold all persons accountable for any committed violations.

Sisi praised the police’s role in securing the 2015 election process of parliament, Youssef added.

“Police personnel with their brotherly armed forces bear very heavy burdens to bring stability and safety to the home and the entire region,” Sisi was quoted as saying in the presidential statement.

The President’s remarks came several days following amid criticism against police personnel after several death cases inside police stations were reported in the past few days.

Ministry of Interior has vowed to hold police officers accused of committing any violations to accountable. However, most of alleged police brutality and abuse reported by civilians has been denied by security officials.

A police officer accused of torturing a detained pharmacist to death was sentenced Wednesday to 15 days in prison pending investigations in Ismailia governorate.

Three days ago, three people were injured by birdshots when a police academy student opened fire at them after an altercation among them in al-Mahala al-Kobra city in Delta’s al-Gharbia.

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