Anti-Shiite coalition demands parliament seat to reveal ‘Iran’s agents’
President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi inks his finger after voting in the run-off phase of second round in the 2015 parliamentary elections at Heliopolis Mode School- Photo courtesy of the Presidential Office.

CAIRO: An anti-Shiite coalition called on President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi to appoint one of its members in the parliament to “reveal Iran’s agents and the Shiite lobby,” Youm7 reported Friday.

Nasser Radwan, founder of little-known Kheir el-Ummah coalition, told Youm7 that the coalition can expose parliamentarians who have a pro-Iran agenda.

The House of Representatives will be composed of 596 members; 448 seats for independent members of parliament, 120 for party-based lists, and the president will appoint the remaining 28.

Indicators of the parliamentary elections’ results show that For the Love of Egypt list, which is pro-Sisi, has swept the poll.

Al-Azhar, the most prestigious religious institution in the Islamic world, has repeatedly called for convergence among Sunnis and Shiites, but an anti-Shiism stream appeared in Egypt in the past few decades with the emergence of Salafism in the country.

The government has also taken some measures to prevent an “expansion of Shiism” in the most populous Arab state. On Ashura Day, a sacred occasion of Shiites, the Endowment Ministry closed the shrine of Imam Hussein in Cairo to avoid Shiite rituals.

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