Cairo metro co. to set up booths for street vendors
Street vendors. YOUM7 archive.

CAIRO: The Egyptian company for Metro Management and Operation will set up booths for street vendors inside the stations, announced company chairperson Ali Fadaly in a statement Friday.

“Setting up those kiosks targets several goals; first to prevent the street vendors to get into metro coaches and annoy the passengers, while the second is to collect revenues from renting these kiosks,” Fadaly added in the statement.

During the past few years, Egyptian security forces launched campaigns against the street vendors who work inside metro coaches.

While entering metro stations, some street vendors, including children, pretend they are normal passengers so that policemen do not arrest them.

A female vendor, inside a women coach in Cairo’s first line of Helwan-al-Marg, has previously told The Cairo Post that the street vendors have been arrested and being charged with “beggary”, after the police forces confiscated their goods. She added that most of them are fined and be released and then go down in streets to sell again.

Several months ago, a group of children told The Cairo Post that policemen arrested them over charges of “beggary” and referred them to juvenile body where their parents got them back home, and then they went to the streets again.

The accurate number of street vendors remains unknown.  The number has notably increased following the 2011 uprising due to the police absence at that time.

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