3 involved in arson attack on Cairo nightclub arrested
Policemen standing near Cairo restaurant attacked with firebombs Dec.4- YOUM7

CAIRO: Police have arrested three suspects involved in a firebomb attack on a Cairo nightclub that killed 16 of its staff, according to the Ministry of Interior.

Police is after a fourth suspect who partook in the attack occurred Friday early morning at the El-Sayyad restaurant and night club, located across from the Nile in Agouza district.

The three are teenagers with ages ranging between 18 and 20 years old.

Two of them were arrested Friday night in Suez, where they escaped after committing the crime, according to the Facebook page of the Interior Ministry.

Mohamed Emad, an 18-year-old student, who is nicknamed as “Hamasa,” and was previously accused in a kidnapping case along with Mohamed Abdel Rahman, 19 year old mechanic known as “Mohamed the crazy,” are behind the attack.

The two acknowledged setting fire in the place after they engaged in a dispute with the guards who denied their entry, Youm7 quoted the investigations.

The police arrested a 37-year old woman called Sayeda. A. accusing her of hiding the two accused in her home in Suez, Youm7 quoted security source at Giza directorate working on the case.

On Saturday, a third suspect of 20 years old named Mohamed Gamal was incarcerated. Gamal, also known as “Mika,” was arrested Saturday in Imbaba district in Giza, Youm7 reported.

Heavy black smoke was caught on camera rising from the doorway of the small restaurant, causing the trapped staff to suffocate due to poor ventilation inside the place.

The attackers wearing masks covering their faces and riding a motorbike hurled Molotov cocktails at the place’s doorway causing a huge fire that caught the woody façade and extended to the inside.

According to the Interior Ministry’s statement, a “criminal motive” is behind the attack, which was an act of “revenge” by four young men after they were denied entry to the nightclub.

After the attack, the prosecution ordered retrieving surveillance cameras at the fire site to identify the perpetrators.

The manager of the restaurant, Hussein Hassan was quoted by Youm7 as saying that the assailants “are known to the police” since this was not their first attack on a public utility.

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