1500 cargo ships weighing 85K tons cross Suez Canal in October
New Suez canal

CAIRO: Egypt’s Suez Canal received some 1,500 cargo ships weighing 85,073 tons from both directions during October 2015, Youm7 quoted head of Suez Canal Authority Mohab Mamish’s press statements Saturday.

According to the authority’s reports, the ships were: 388 tankers of 15,312 tons; 63 natural gas-loaded ships of 6,887 tons and 259 cargo ships of 8,713 tons.

Mamish added that the total amount of crossed cargo, from South to North, during the same month reached 27,372 tons of cargo including: natural gas, fertilizers, grains, petrochemical materials, food items, coal and others, according to Youm7.

While in the reverse direction, the canal received some 501 tons of natural gas.

During October, the New Suez Canal witnessed the transit of 4,445 tons of grains, 770,000 tons of industrial fertilizers, 524,000 tons of manufactured metals, 754,000 of chemical materials, 310,000 tons of coal, 350,000 tons of machines, 1,477 tons of metals, 29,000 tons of decorative plants, 172,184 tons of goods loaded on containers and 407,000 tons of miscellaneous goods.

The new 72-kilometer canal was inaugurated in August parallel to the old one, to speed up transit time, bolster the country’s limping economy and boost annual revenue up to $13.5 billion by 2023.

The main Suez Canal waterway is one of Egypt’s core sources of income, providing about 10 percent of the nation’s hard currency. In 2014, Suez Canal revenues registered $5.456 billion, marking 6.75 percent growth compared to $5.111 billion a year earlier.

An October report by the SCA said that the revenues of Suez Canal dropped to $448.8 million in September, from $462.1 million in August.

In 2014, the canal revenues amounted to $5.4 billion.


Additional reporting by Gamal Heragy from Ismailia.

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