Bashir claim of Halaib triangle ‘nonsense': local sheikh
Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir - REUTERS/Ismail Zitouny

CAIRO: Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir’s remarks on disputed Halaib and Shalateen triangle are “groundless” and the area is within Egyptian territories, stated the Sheikh of the triangle tribes Mohamed Taher Saturday.

“What al-Bashir says is nonsense …and Halaib is Egyptian to the core and the people’s participation in the election is the best evidence,” he told Youm7; a total of 11,269 Egyptian voters were eligible to ballot in 2015 parliament elections in Halaib and Shalateen constituency, affiliates with the Red Sea governorate.

In an interview with al-Arabia net Saturday, al-Bashir stated that his country had filed a complaint before the United Nations Security Council about the Egyptian parliament elections conducted in the triangle which he claimed a Sudanese area.

The border dispute is due to conflicting maps drawn by occupying British forces; one in 1899 says that the triangle belongs to Egyptian territories and the second in 1902, showing the triangle as a Sudanese possession, Minya University Nubian history professor Fathy Khourshid previously told The Cairo Post.

The Halaib Triangle is a 20 km sq enclave on the Red Sea coast occupied by tribes from both Egypt and Sudan who have traditionally lived there before the demarcation of the borders. Since Sudanese independence in 1956, Egypt and Sudan have been locked in a border dispute over the area.

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