Sisi weighs establishment of Arab Joint Military Forces
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi - AP

CAIRO: President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi weighed Sunday the merits of establishing the Arab Joint Military Forces to face the challenges face the entire Arab world in a conference speech.

At the opening session of the Fikr 14 Conference, organized by the Arab Thought Foundation and held in the Cairo-based Arab League for three days, Sisi said the challenges facing the entire region pose a “direct threat to all entities and countries” and called for unifying all Arab efforts economically, militarily, and culturally.

“I stress the need to establish a joint Arab force as an important tool necessary to defend the Arab nation; Egypt and brotherly Saudi Arabia are taking serious steps in this regard, including the establishment of a joint coordination council between the two countries,” Sisi said.

He noted that the rise of radical and extremist groups led to an escalating the culture of religious violence dissemination of “takfiri” thoughts, which threaten national unity and reflect a negative image of Arab intellectuals and culture.

The president called for unifying the Arab efforts to enhance the development of the region on all fields, saying “I would like to emphasize, in this regard, the importance of linking industrial development with economic and social policy strategy in the Arab countries to bring its desired fruition on the economic and social levels, and hence ,to improve the lives of the Arab citizen and reduce dependence on imports from outside the Arab world,” Sisi said.

He noted that achieving those goals required the necessary funding from the Arab Funding associations, highlighting the necessity of enhancing the Arab joint investments in all fields.

In the 26th Arab League summit in Sharm al-Sheikh, held in March, Sisi called for establishing the Arab Joint Military forces; on March 29, Arab league member states agreed to establish a joint Arab military force within four months, in which participation will be optional.

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