610 arrested in illegal immigration attempts during Nov: Army Spox 
Egyptian armed forces - YOUM7

CAIRO: A total of 610 people of different nationalities have been arrested as part of army operations on Egyptian borders and strategic roads, military spokesperson Mohamed Samir stated Monday on his Facebook page.

Egyptian authorities routinely foil the attempts of migrants from Egypt, Somalia, Eritrea, Sudan, Syria and Iraq to migrate illegally to Europe, but no certain numbers are available about how many are able to successfully slip under the radar.

Around 2,215 people were arrested in illegal immigration attempts in September, both in cities on the Mediterranean and at the Egyptian-Libya borders, according to an Oct.13 military statement.

A law that imposes imprisonment and fine for human trafficking and illegal immigration was approved by the cabinet in November.

The military’s Monday statement also scores the results of the military operations against smuggling attempts and seizing drugs and weapons.

Some 478 weapons were seized, including RPG, guns, rifles, 530 different round shots, shells and large amount of explosive substances, said the spokesperson.

He added that the campaign managed to arrest 15 tons of different types of drugs including Hashish, Opium, marijuana, and Tramadol and Tamil drugs.

Border guards have destroyed around 20 tunnel openings located on the border line between Egypt and Gaza Strip. A one-kilometer wide buffer zone was established along the Egypt-Gaza borders, where thousands of homes were demolished and residents evacuated and compensated.

The zone is part of the ongoing military’s crackdown against militants flourishing in North Sinai and to combat smuggling tunnels between the two borders.

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