New smart phone app to facilitate gov’t services for Egyptians
Smart phones

CAIRO: An app titled “حكومتي” which means in English “My Government” is an application will be available on smart phones of Egyptian citizens Sunday as a new way to facilitate the government services for the people, according to a statement issued Monday by the Cabinet.

The new application aims to “save time to get services and eliminate corruption, “said Egyptian Minister of Planning Ashraf al-Arabi. Many Egyptians suffer from massive amounts of red tape and what can feel like a goose chase when requesting services or documents from public servants, encountering long waits and crowds. The App also to ease crowds at the governmental institutions.

Via the new App, a citizen can pay fees for renewing his car license and insurance, as well as fines over traffic violations; he also can pay values of electricity and water bills and etc, the statement added.

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