Committee of Experts to follow-up on draft constitution

The committee of experts which drafted a series of constitutional amendments has not finished its work, according to lawyer and constitutionalist Dr. Shawky el-Sayed. After handing over the amendments to the 50-member constitutional committee, the committee of experts will participate by receiving proposals and trying to respond to questions and criticism.

The 50-member committee will prepare, write, and formulate the final draft and then put it to community dialogue to reach a final version, said Sayed. He said the amendments prepared by the 10-member expert committee were adjustable to additions and deletions.

Sayed asked the committee to avoid the mistakes of the “Brotherhood” constitution, which was drafted under a Brotherhood-dominated government in the wake of Hosni Mubarak’s overthrow. Sayed asked the committee not to waste time in arguments but to work away from the “collision, threats, control and withdrawals” as there is no time for them. The former constitution was a “plague,” he said, because of the determination to pass it without societal consensus. He said the result was that it received the lowest approval rating and highest rate of rejection and abstentions.

He assured that the constitutional experts and legalists will cooperate with the committee within the framework as defined by the Constitutional Declaration to contribute to the development of a national, consensual constitution.

Mahmoud Helmy, spokesperson of the Judge’s Club, said  the 50-member committee will ask the expert committee to attend meetings and discussions just to clarify and explain its materials. They will not have a real vote, he said.

Translated from Youm7.

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