Update: Israeli spy Ouda Tarabin released in exchange for 2 Egyptians
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - REUTERS

CAIRO: Egyptian authorities have released Israeli spy Ouda Tarabin Thursday in exchange for the release of two Egyptian nationals from Israeli prisons, Egypt’s state T.V. reported.

Anonymous sources told Youm7 that it is expected that other imprisoned Egyptian nationals will be released in the coming period.

Tarabin is an Israeli Bedouin and was released after serving 15 years in jail over charges of spying for Israel. He was arrested in 2000 when he infiltrated the Sinai.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office issued Thursday a statement announcing that Tarabin had returned Thursday after being released from Egyptian prison.

Walla reported that the two Egyptian nationals who were released for Tarabin have already served time in Israeli prisoners. The Israeli website added that both countries were in contact to release Tarabin since 2012, but Egyptian authorities did not respond.

Tarabin was born in Rahat in 1981 after his Egyptian father, who was sentenced by Egyptian authorities to 25 years in jail over charges of espionage, escaped to Israel.

In 2004, Egypt and Israel conducted a deal of swapping Israeli spy Azam Azam after he served seven years out of fifteen for releasing four Egyptian students have been arrested in Palestine and jailed in Israeli prisons over charges of abducting Israelis, BBC reported on Dec. 10, 2004.

Additional reporting by Mahmoud Mohey.

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