MPs run for parliamentarian committees
Mahmoud badr - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Members of Parliament have begun to run for parliamentarian committees as the first session of Egypt’s second House of Representatives in four years will be held by the end of December.

Mahmoud Badr, cofounder of Rebel Movement that petitioned for President Mohamed Morsi’s ouster, ran for three committees; the youth committee, the Arab affairs committee and the national security committee.

Salah Hasaballah, head of the Freedom Party, wrote on Facebook he ran for the youth committee, the planning and budget committee and the local administration committee.

The parliament will include 19 committees, but some members of parliament have requested they be increased to form a committee for African affairs, a supply committee and a media committee, Youm7 reported.

The parliament will be the largest in Egypt’s history with 596 seats. The figure was raised after constituencies were made smaller resulting in a larger number.

The 2012 parliament was composed of 508 seats and also included 19 committees.

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