2 police officers sentenced to 5 yrs for torturing lawyer to death

CAIRO: The Cairo Criminal Court sentenced Saturday two police officers to five years in prison for torturing lawyer Karim Hamdy to death inside a Cairo police station, Youm7 reported.

The two officers were accused of beating Hamdy to coerce a confession at Matariya police station. In its closing arguments in October, the prosecution said the defendants used “means of middle ages to extract confessions and murdered the victim,” as quoted by Youm7.

“This is an ugly crime, because it took place inside a police station that is supposed to protect citizens,” the prosecution added.

Hamdy, 26, was pronounced dead in February 24; two days after he was arrested over allegedly being involved in violent acts against police and public utilities. Pictures of his bruised dead body were released on social media, and a forensic report has confirmed Hamdy sustained fractures to the ribs, among other fatal injuries.

In a video surfaced on social media after his death, Hamdy admitted to possessing firearms and giving instructions to someone to “protect” Friday pro-Muslim Brotherhood protests from the police.

Lawyers’ Syndicate has launched several protests and partial strikes against violations committed by the police.

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