Lawyers of Tarek Nour, Entissar request debauchery case be dropped
Egyptian Comic actress Entissar - YOUM7

CAIRO: Lawyers of Tarek Nour, manager of Al-Kahera wal Nas channel, and actress Entissar requested that a lawsuit filed against them for “inciting debauchery” be dropped, Youm7 reported Sunday.

Nasr City Misdemeanor Court postponed the trial to Dec. 20 after Nour’s lawyer said the lawsuit is filed against the personalities of his client and not against him in his capacity. He added that Nour is not the owner of the channel, but that it is owned by a company he chairs.

The defense lawyer also claimed that Hany Gad, the lawyer who initiated the lawsuit, is a “fame seeker.”

Rejecting demands to ban pornographic websites in Egypt, Entissar said in an October episode of Nafsana show on al-Kaher wal Nas channel that porn teaches sex to people who get married without any prior sexual experience.

She defended people’s freedom to watch porn; she said it helps people learn about sex and to “stay cool” until they get married.

Her views stirred controversy, with claims that she encourages people to watch porn, but her lawyer said that the discussion in the show was “as regular as every other talk show in Egypt,” Youm7 reported.

In Egypt, Muslim and Christian men and women alike are expected to remain abstinent until they get married. The most populous Arab state is one of the countries that most restricts explicit content, numerous porn sites rank among the top 100 most trafficked sites in the country.

The most recent ruling banning porn in Egypt was in May, as the Administrative Court ordered the Cabinet to block access to such websites.


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