Death toll of bird flu in 2015 reaches 41: Health Ministry
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CAIRO: A total of 41 people have died after contracting bird flu H5N1 in 2015, according to the Health Ministry, compared to 10 deaths in 2014.

The death toll rate this year is 28 percent out of the total number of patients, which recorded 144 cases in 20 governorates, said a Sunday statement by the ministry.

The ministry said it has taken precautionary procedures to control the virus and prevent it from spreading especially as the winter season begins.

Tamiflu antiviral medication “has been provided both as syrup and tablets,” and a strategic stock of it has been secured to combat the virus, added the statement.

It also noted that awareness programs about the virus for early detection of possible cases were implemented.

A hotline (105) was made available by the ministry to receive questions and complaints from the public about bird flu virus.

Doctors and medical teams dealing with patients and suspected cases are being trained on how to treat on anti-infection measures.

The disease first appeared in Egypt in 2006, where most avian flu cases in Egypt have been detected in impoverished rural areas, where villagers traditionally raise poultry on the rooftops of their homes to supplement their diet.

The Health Ministry announced Thursday an “exceptional plan to combat the virus.” It has repeatedly urged citizens who deal with poultry and livestock to be cautious and take preventive measures to avoid infection. It also called on those who suffer from symptoms of the flu to head to nearest hospital within 24 hours to increase the chances of their recovery.

From 2003 until October 2014, there have been 686 cases testing positive for H5N1 globally, out of which 393 people have died, according to a World Health Organization (WHO) report published in October.

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