Home internet speeds to improve in 6 months: minister
Communications Minister Yasser al-Kady - YOUM7

CAIRO: Home internet speeds will be “as fast as Egyptians want” within a span of six months, Communications Minister Yasser al-Kady told reporters Sunday.

The copper cables of six centrals out of 1,600 in Egypt have been replaced with fiber ones to promote the service; the rest will be replaced in the upcoming months, Kady said during the inauguration of Cairo ICT exhibition.

Egyptians have long complained about Internet service providers, which all use the communications infrastructure of Telecom Egypt.

Egyptians pay more money for slower internet than the global average, according to data from Ookla’s NetIndex. While global average download and upload rates are 20mbps and 8.6mbps respectively, data recorded between July 23 and Aug. 21 shows Egypt clocking in at only 2.7mbps for download and 0.8 mbps for upload.

Egypt ranks in the top 10 countries with the slowest upload rates and the 17th slowest for download, giving Egypt an overall ranking of 176 out of 192 countries.

The global average cost of internet per mbps is U.S. $5.58. Egypt averages $16.83, ranking 62 out of 64 countries listed.

A group known as the Internet Revolution has tried to push forward developing internet service and speed and decreasing internet bills over the last year; it received viral online support.

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