Police cracks down on unlicensed night clubs in Cairo ahead of New Year
Snapshoot from Video YOUM7

CAIRO: A number of night clubs and restaurants were closed Tuesday in Cairo due to regulatory violations in a campaign ahead of the New Year, Youm7 reported.

The inspections resulted in 48 cases that include operating bands and shows without a license, offering alcohol without a license, managers that work without a license, staff who lack health certificates, and illegally reopening two clubs that had been closed by the police. However, not all the night clubs were closed based on the said violations.

Three women were arrested in the process over “inciting debauchery.”

Seventeen night clubs and restaurants in Giza were closed last week over licenses and safety conditions.

The crackdown by the Tourism Police and the Morality Police, mostly specialized in cases of prostitution, which is illegal in Egypt, began after 17 people were killed Dec. 4 in a fire inside an underground restaurant in Giza, shedding light on lax safety conditions.

There are different standards applied for the licensing of tourist restaurants, bars and nightclubs. A nightclub is usually large in size and includes shows and performances with bands and dancers, while the other two do not.

All three may serve alcohol after having acquiring a liquor license. However, some restaurants allow shows and performances without acquiring the prerequisite license.

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