Sallum border guards arrest 30 for attempted illegal cross into Libya
Sallum crossing, Egyptian Libyan borders - YOUM7 ( Archive)

CAIRO: Land border guards at the Sallum crossing have arrested 30 people over an attmpt to illegally cross into Libya, Youm7 reported Thursday.

Arrests, occurring on a daily basis at the border, come as part of coordination between the armed forces, the crossing administration, naval forces, as well as the homeland security authority and the general security agency in Marsa Matrouh governorate.

A police report was filed about the arrests, which will then be referred to the prosecution as a military misdemeanor case.

Many migrants still manage to reach the Libyan side, risking their lives amid deteriorated security situation in the oil-rich country, in order to make a better living.

In order to combat the phenomenon, Egyptian authorities escalated operations to combat illegal immigration at both sea and land borders. The government also approved a law that would impose imprisonment and fines for human trafficking and illegal immigration in November.

Around 2,215 people were arrested in illegal immigration attempts in September, both in cities on the Mediterranean and at the Egyptian-Libya borders, according to an Oct.13 military statement.

Italy has deported hundreds of Egyptians who illegally arrived in its territories in the past months. Immigration Minister Nabila Makram headed to Italy Dec.15 to meet 560 migrant Egyptian children and discuss means to curb illegal immigration with Italian officials.

Additional reporting by Hassan Mashaly from Marsa Matrouh.

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