MB ideology ‘counter to British values’: Cameron
British Prime Minister David Cameron - REUTERS

CAIRO: The ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood is “counter to British values of democracy,” stated British Prime Minister David Cameron wrote in a statement delivered to the parliament Thursday.

Commenting on an internal review carried out in the U.K. into the nature and activities of the organization, Cameron stated that “membership of, association with, or influence by the Muslim Brotherhood should be considered as a possible indicator of extremism.”

“The movement is deliberately opaque, and habitually secretive,” Cameron said, adding that “To this day the Muslim Brotherhood characterizes Western societies and liberal Muslims as decadent and immoral. It can be seen primarily as a political project.”

He stated that the organization has a “vague” relationship with extremism; many text official renounce violence, but persons “closely associated with the Muslim Brotherhood in the UK have supported suicide bombing.”

Cameron said the U.K. would continue to refuse visas of those with recorded histories of making extremist comments, as well as ensure that charities funded by the Brotherhood are not fronts for terrorism.

Cameron ordered in April 2014 the probe into MB activities by London over “its inciting terrorism in Egypt.” The probe was conducted by the U.K. ambassador to Saudi Arabia Sir John Jenkins.

Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates have all labeled the Brotherhood a terrorist group and have called for the U.K. government to ban the group, which is has found regional support from Qatar and Turkey.

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