4 killed in house collapse after gas cylinder exploded in Banha
Banha house collapse Dec. 21 - Youm7

CAIRO: Four people were killed after a house in a village in Banha, north of Cairo, collapsed due to a gas cylinder explosion Monday, Youm7 reported.

Two brothers, 35 and 23, were killed, while their mother was injured. The bodies of an 18-year old woman, believed to be the wife of one of the brothers, and an unidentified person were also recovered, according to Youm7.

The gas cylinder exploded in the family’s store attached to the house. Civil Protection forces continued to remove the rubble to find any other victims.

While the majority of Egyptian households use LPG cylinders rather than natural gas, Egypt imports and subsidizes the majority of its LPG needs.

However, the government plans to supply 1.5 million homes in poor areas with natural gas through an approved World Bank soft loan of $500 million in the next few years. The closing date of the project is June 2019.

Additional reporting by Khaled Hegazy

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