Sisi congratulates Copts for Christmas in Birth of Prophet Mohammad celebration
President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi gives his speech in celebration marking the birthday of Prophet Muhammad at Al-Azhar Conference Center in Cairo Tuesday on Dec. 22, 2015- Photo from Presidential office via The Cairo Post.

CAIRO: PRESS RELEASE- Today, President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi attended a celebration, marking the Birth of Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, at Al Azhar Conference Center. Addressing the event, the President congratulated the Islamic Umma and stressed the value of responsible and conscious freedom in Islam.

He also addressed the bases of peaceful coexistence which Islam established, and which are needed by the Muslim Umma now more than ever. The President underscored the value of mastering work in Islam, which urges dedication and diligence in order for the Muslim Umma to occupy its appropriate position among other nations.

The President called for the continuation of efforts aimed at rectifying and renewing the religious discourse in order to disseminate the values of tolerance, acceptance of the other and mercy. The President stressed that such efforts shall not be limited to theoretical aspects, but must be translated into practical practices, noting that the world was not created for just one Umma but for all nations, religions and sects. The President underscored the value of freedom of belief. He noted that the Egyptian State applies the true values of Islam in all its dealings at the international level, as it always calls for construction and cooperation, and discards violence and destruction.

The President stated that it is important that all religious scholars and preachers present the true image and content of the teachings of Islam and set a good example in word and deeds. He stressed the significance of the mind and thought as ways to explain the noble goals and objectives of religion rather than adhering to methods that do not work in harmony with the exigencies of the modern world.

President El Sisi highlighted the importance of cooperation between the executive, legislative and judicial authorities after the completion of the institutional structure of the Egyptian State by the election of a new House of Representatives.

President El Sisi confirmed that he respects the will of the Egyptian people who chose him to assume responsibility. He stressed that he will not continue in his post against the will of the people whom he is keen on maintaining contact with in order to explain all issues within a framework of clarity and transparency. The President underscored the importance of the new House of Representatives, hoping that it will thoroughly study the problems and challenges facing the country in order to find successful solutions. He called on the new members of the House of Representatives to have a new and leading experience, stressing that the state fully supports them in carrying out their duties toward the people.

The President congratulated Egypt’s Copts on their Christmas celebrations, calling on all Egyptians to enhance unity and discard all calls for division. He also pointed out the joint responsibility between the ruler and the people, noting that each should carry out his role in the perfect way possible.

President El Sisi also lauded the sacrifices made by those who lost their lives for the sake of the homeland, noting that he derives the determination and perseverance to continue work, construction and the fight against terrorism from their families.


The previous press release is the responsibility of the Egyptian Presidential Office, and does not reflect the editorial policy of The Cairo Post.

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