Egypt bans importing pet birds to prevent bird flu outbreak
A Hyacinth Macaw parrot - Reuters

CAIRO: Egypt has banned importing pet birds as a precautionary measures against the bird flu virus until March, head of the Veterinary Department Sayed Gad el-Moula told Youm7 Wednesday.

In November, Cairo Airport culled 30,000 ducks imported from France after the latter announced it detected the H5N1 virus in the southwestern region, killing 22 chickens kept in a backyard at the Biras in the Perigord region.

Cairo has since banned imported poultry from the European country.

The disease first appeared in Egypt in 2006. The number of people who died after contracting the virus reached 10 in 2014.

Most avian flu cases in Egypt have been detected in impoverished rural areas, where villagers traditionally raise poultry on the rooftops of their homes to supplement their diet.

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