Kenya Muslims set ‘honorable example for humanity’: Dar al-Iftaa
Armed members of the militant group al-Shabab at a rally on the outskirts of Mogadishu, Somalia on Feb 13, 2012 - AP

CAIRO: Kenyan Muslims who protected Christians from al-Shabaab set an “honorable example for all humanity,” Advisor to the Grand Mufti Ibrahim Negm said Wednesday.

The reaction of the Kenya Muslims when al-Shabab militants required them to single out Christians “affirms that in Islam, the human life for God is more sanctified than destroying the Kaaba, regardless of religion or ethnicity,” Negm added.

Muslims helped dress non-Muslim passengers in Islamic attire to prevent armed extremists from identifying them on Monday, according to witnesses reported by several news agencies.

“What happened gives us great hope that extremism and terrorism will have demise and that humanity and moderation will prevail against violence, militancy and murder because Islam’s uppermost intents demand the preservation of life, religion, honor, mind and wealth,” Negm’s statement read.

Sixty Kenyan passengers, Muslim and non-Muslim, were travelling from Nairobi on a bus when the militants shot at the vehicle to stop it, ordering passengers to group themselves into Muslims and non Muslims.

Muslims provided some non-Muslims passengers with Islamic garbs and did not separate themselves from their countrymen.

“Coexistence and cohesion among the people of a nation with the diversity of their faiths is a bulwark of homelands in the way of anyone trying to destabilize its security, weaken its building blocks and sow discord so it becomes an easy prey,” Negm said in the end of his statement.

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