959 cases contracted chickenpox during 1st half of 2015: Health Min.
Vaccination campaign- Photo courtesy of denver.cbslocal.com

CAIRO: Ministry of Health announced a “significant decline” in the number of chickenpox cases during the first half of 2015 reaching 959 after recording 2,134 during the same period last year, in a Thursday statement.

The ministry said it is currently taking precautionary procedures to prevent the spread of the virus at schools especially during the seasons of winter and spring, where infection occurs.

Last week, the state-owned company for vaccines VACSERA will import 20,000 vaccines to combat chickenpox after cases have spotted at schools.

Most recently, a total of 25 students at Al-Nahda Primary School in Hihya village in Sharqiah governorate, northern Egypt, have been reportedly given compulsory leave for two weeks after they contracted the virus.

Chickenpox is transmitted via contact of bodily fluids as well as through the air, and appears as a rash on infected skin. It is caused by a virus called “Varicella zoster virus” or VZV; one of eight herpes viruses known to infect humans.

Most persons contract the virus before they reach 10 years old, according to the World Health Organization (WHO.)

Additional reporting by Waleed Abdel Salam

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